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   My 747 Flightdeck Construction    

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 All started after I visited Matt Riggins 737 website in october 2010.
 I realised then that I must have a flightdeck of my own.  But not a
 737 deck, a 747 deck it must be. Because I love to fly PMDGs 747.
 FDS  Flight Deck Solution  in USA - They have it all



 B747-400 PRO-MX

Great Throttle Control Stand from
 FlightDeck Solution



Complete VHF Radio Select panel from
 FlightDeck Solution


 With motorized trim guage and  
 Interface Ready Components


 Finding drawings and sketches on internet for 747 is not that easy as
 I first thought.
  > BIG Real B747 Cockpit  -  ( Press F11 to toggle fullscreen! )
  > FDS-B747-Pro-MX-EFIS     4,75" x 3.0"
  - My Progress  

My F/O waiting for TakeOff  

This is what I'm after.
You can buy it direct from FDS  -  $19.000:-


Today I've got all my MIP-panels from 12Nov2010


 Mip Panels from - Germany   

 FDS-SYS4X High Capacity 64In/128Out Card - $299:- + Toll&Ship

The MIP now on place on the CenterBox  


The hole Cockpit assembled -
The AfterPedestal Modified to fit all the CPUs 

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