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     FS9 & FSX           PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies X    

  • 3D Studio Max 747-400 & 747-400F Models - Accurately modeled down to the smallest detail complete with high resolution textures and three different engine variants

  • Airplane Animations - Hundreds of animated parts on the exterior model bring the 747-400 to life, with realistic gear, flap and slat movement, all passenger and cargo doors operable (with corresponding indications in the cockpit) and all control surfaces moving like their real-world counterparts

  • New FSX Features - the exterior model features new lighting, shine and bump map technology, as well as smooth non-segmented wing flex created with vertex animation as well as visual fuel dump and engine fire effects

      Till Fredrik Salö                                 
    FlyTampa Dubai Rebooted v2.4   735 Mb       FlyTampa_Dubai_Rebooted_v2.4.zip